De Kruidenaer cultivates and supplies fresh herbs. Cultivation takes place in greenhouses, tunnels and in open ground.

The cultivation

De Kruidenaer owns more than twenty hectares of soil that is somewhere between sand and clay in the fertile area of West Brabant. This is where fresh herbs are cultivated in greenhouses and in open ground, making use of modern cultivation techniques. De Kruidenaer continuously works to improve its cultivation circumstances and techniques, in which sustainability is an important pillar.

In the greenhouses, we cultivate mint and basil (regular green, red and Thai basil). In the open ground, we cultivate chives, dill, rosemary, coriander and parsley. The advantage of cultivating our products ourselves is that we are in complete control of the process; from seed to the final product. This provides us with a complete overview of what happens to the herbs during the entire production process.

In the cold and darker months, the Dutch climate is less suitable for the cultivation of herbs. During this time, a large proportion of the herbs are imported from selected suppliers abroad. At the very least, these suppliers are GlobalGAP-certified. This allows us to deliver the entire range of our products all year round. De Kruidenaer is certified according to the standards of Milieukeur (the Dutch Environmental Label). In the meantime, our fixed supplier in Spain has also been awarded this certificate. This means that we can supply a large part of our total assortment under this quality label.