Curly-leaved parsley

Parsley is an aromatic biennial plant. It is the most used kitchen herb. There are various species. De Kruidenaer has curly-leaved parsley and flat-leaved parsley in its assortment. Curly-leaved parsley has deeply indented, wavy leaves. Flat parsley has smooth leaves and has a more refined taste than curly-leaved parsley.


Flat-leaved parsley is used in many dishes, soups and sauces because of its refined flavor. Curly-leaved parsley also works well as a garnish. In order to get the most out of the flavor of parsley, add the leaves to the dish at the last possible moment. The leaves and stems can also be added to a broth.


Fresh parsley should be stored in a perforated bag in the fridge. Parsley is also suitable for freezing.