Chinese chives

Chives are part of the lily family (Liliaceae) and closely related to bulbous plants like onion, leek and garlic. The stems are long, slender and grassy. A large number of variants are cultivated from chives. As such, there are chives species that taste of lemon or have a strong garlic smell. Chinese chives are one of the oldest variants. De Kruidenaer cultivates both “regular” chives and Chinese chives.


The leaves of Chinese chives have a garlic taste and are a little spicier than “ordinary” chives. In China, people blanch the leaves and stems of this type of lily.

In the Dutch kitchen, you predominantly encounter chives in salads and dressings. However, the herb also combines well with meat and fish dishes, can be used in sauces and as a garnish.


Chives can be stored for several days in the vegetable drawer in the fridge. They are suitable for freezing.