Thai basil

Basil belongs to the family of labiates (Lamiacea). It has a strong smell and flavor. The leaves are large, oval, pointy and vary in color from green and red to even lilac. They have a warm, yet fresh, strong flavor. There are many varieties. In addition to Thai basil, De Kruidenaer also has the well-known green variant in its assortment, as well as red and lemon basil.


The leaves of Thai basil have a slightly more dominant flavor than the famous green basil variant; the flavor is somewhat reminiscent of anise and tarragon.
Lemon basil goes well with sauces and chicken. It can be eaten raw in salads, but can also be stewed briefly.
Red basil is a little stronger than regular basil and is an attractive addition to dishes. It creates an original, colorful accent.



It is best to store fresh basil in a cold, dark place (8 – 15°), but never in the fridge. This will cause the leaves to blacken and lose their flavor.