Thyme is a perennial shrub of approximately 20 cm in height. The tiny leaves are grey-green and slender. Thyme has a penetrant, herby smell. A special variant of thyme is lemon thyme. This plant looks a lot like ordinary thyme, but the leaves smell strongly of lemon.


The flavor of thyme is characteristically Mediterranean. The delicate thyme leaves can be added to tomato sauces, grilled meat and grilled fish. Thyme is also delicious with mushrooms and aubergines.
Fresh thyme can be cooked, making it an ideal herb for soups, single-pan dishes and sauces.
Together with parsley and laurel, thyme forms the classic bouquet garni. Thyme is also a tasty barbeque herb. Lemon thyme goes well with chicken and fruit salads.


Due to it woody twigs, fresh thyme can be stored in the fridge for a few days at least.