Tarragon is a plant in the Compositae or Asteraceae family. The leaves are slender and spear-shaped and have a very sharp smell. The plant is applied as a herb that is primarily known from the traditional (French) kitchen. Tarragon originates from Central Asia and has been used in kitchens across Western Europe since the Middle Ages.

The flavor of tarragon is strong, spicy and sweet. It has a bitter, peppery anise flavor. It is primarily known from classic sauces, like béarnaise, but it is also often used in vinaigrettes and mustard. It combines well with meat and fish.

Tarragon is part of the fines herbs, a mixture of herbs that is often used to flavor soups, eggs and butter.

Fresh tarragon in its packaging can be stored in the fridge for several days. You can also freeze the herb.