Coriander is a much-used kitchen herb in dishes originating from the Middle East, India, Asiatic countries and Indonesia. Many countries around the Mediterranean Sea also make use of this condiment. The coriander plant is closely related to caraway, fennel, dill and anise. The varying shapes of the leaves are reminiscent of flat-leaved parsley. Coriander belongs to the same family as parsley, but the taste of the leaves is far more intense.


The flavor of fresh coriander is best described as having a strong parsley flavor with lemon influences.
The coriander leaves can be used in cabbage dishes, soups and marinades. The herb is also often used in stews, chicken dishes, salads and sauces, predominantly in Eastern and South American cuisines. In North Africa, fresh coriander is used like parsley and chervil.


Always use coriander leaves fresh. They can also be frozen, but will lose their firmness. They do maintain their flavor though.